Meet Beth Gillem:

The Basics

Brief Bio:

SEC football fills her Saturdays in the Fall as she cheers on her Tigers, War Eagle!! A Nashville native, she enjoys spending time in Radnor and Percy Warner Park with her yellow lab, Leland.


Beth has Masters degrees in both Marriage and Family Therapy and Global Leadership.

Where are you from?

Nashville, TN

Do you believe a cup is half empty or half full?

Half full

How do you spend your spare time?

Traveling, adventuring, running, doing yoga, taking my dog Leland to the park, DIY projects on my house, and cooking.

What was your first job?

My first job during college was a camp counselor during the summer. Post college I taught elementary school Physical Education.

What makes you laugh?

One-liners and dry humor really get me laughing.

What adjective would a close friend use to describe you?


Are you a morning person or a night person?

Morning person as long as there is a cup of coffee nearby!

Questions about your Therapy Practice

What do you value about being a therapist?

I value and honor the people that I get to sit with. It takes great courage to share your story with someone and being able to listen and help people gain more self and know their story is extremely humbling to me.

What do you think is important for a client to look for in a therapist?

I think it’s important that the client can trust and connect with their therapist. Also, you need a therapist that will confront the things that they see need to change.

How does your faith play itself out in your work as a therapist?

I believe that God created us to live from our hearts and I want to help people live the way that they were created to live.

Personal Favorites

What is your favorite month of the year and why?

I love the crisp air of November and the anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas that come with it.

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